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Coconut Oil & Healing

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and powerful healing ingredients in the world. It been known to address a number of health concerns. There is evidence it can treat several ailments with external use. From skin conditions like body acne to providing relief as a natural topical analgesic, there are many reasons coconut oil is used in all-natural products.

Coconut oil as a Natural Alternative

When dealing with excruciating muscle pain or embarrassing skin conditions, it’s tempting to try anything and everything available on store shelves. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market today that don’t work well and contain dangerous chemicals.

According to the group ‘Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’, there are dozens of ingredients in your everyday cosmetics that are dangerous to your health. ( The extensive list they provide outlines how everything from skincare to beauty products are riddled with chemicals that can seep into your pores and cause internal damage.

In addition to skincare, there is also a rising concern about the impact pain relievers have on the body. Damage to your organs and other issues have been linked with these strong medications. There are many documented complications related to painkillers that can’t be ignored.

You do not need to settle for these sorts of risks. Natural alternatives like coconut oil, are a great way to addressing and healing a wide range of problems without putting your health in jeopardy. The best part is, this amazing oil does the work of several synthetic ingredients combined. You don’t have to compromise safety for quality.

Healing Properties of Coconut Oil

Scientific studies continue to support the use of coconut oil as a healing agent. There are several examples of how it can meet your skin’s natural needs while treating a wide range of issues. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Moisturizing – Did you know coconut oil actually helps build a barrier that keeps moisture in your skin and prevents dryness? Keeping that moisture locked in can also keep out unwanted chemicals and allergens in the air. In one study, it was found that using half a dozen drops of virgin coconut oil overnight helped significantly combat dry hands for the subjects.
  • Treat Skin Conditions – Acne and body acne are the most common skin conditions in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. ( With more than 50 million people a year impacted, it’s pretty safe to assume you or someone you know is impacted by face or body acne. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which can kill the bacteria that causes acne.
  • Relieves PainCoconut oil has been used for centuries as a topical treatment for skin conditions. It has also been scientifically supported as a treatment for muscle aches and pains. A study from 2019 shows how coconut oil can be very useful as a topical analgesic. These scientists found it demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity and protects the skin by enhancing its barrier function. This offers new hope for those suffering from chronic pain.

Coconut Oils Proven Results

All of this scientific evidence is reassuring, but it’s the word of our valued customers that really solidifies the healing power of coconut oil in Elixicure’s formula. We’ve had numerous customers share how they’ve been able to heal their skin, or address muscle pain, thanks to the power of Elixicure’s all-natural ingredients, including coconut oil.

We firmly believe that your body deserves to be treated with dignity, and that means using the best ingredients possible. After witnessing our own mother struggle with pain for years, we knew we had to find a better solution. Being able to help people suffering like her has been so rewarding. Knowing that we are providing that relief with products that are all-natural and safe is an amazing feeling.

By using our plant-based products, you can finally address skin issues and pain with confidence. You can feel secure and confident about what you put on your body. With our transformative products, your journey to a healthier, clean lifestyle can be made simple. We are confident that you will love it and offer a risk-free money back guarantee. Check out our wide range of solutions to find the right fit for you by clicking here.

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