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Integrated Holistic Pain Management

Millions of people suffer from pain regularly and are often struggling to find ways to manage their pain without needing to dull their senses. Pain management has become synonymous with medication. Medications to help relieve pain are only a temporary solution to mask the pain. Either way, we want to manage and alleviate our pain.

Holistic Integrative Health Practitioners like Dr. Jaya Pancholy focus on an integrated, holistic pain management approach to mind-body wellness. Integrated holistic treatments include the use technological and holistic therapies. The combined effort of modern science and holistic medicine creates a unique, safe, and healthier way to provide holistic pain management without the horrible side effects of traditional pain medications. 

What is Holistic Integrated Medicine? 

Holistic medicine uses treatment techniques that heal your mind, body, and spirit by curing the cause of the pain, not just numbing the symptoms. The treatment that utilizes holistic medicine focuses on addressing aspects of your life that could contribute to your pain. Holistic pain management can include acupuncture or focus on dietary changes that could provide long-term relief. Holistic, integrated medicine takes holistic medicine with non-invasive advancements in technology to create a combined effort to maximize your pain relief. 

Benefits of Holistic Integrated Pain Management

Holistic Integrated medicine can be beneficial for many people beyond pain treatment. People with medical conditions may find peace with an integrated, holistic approach to pain management. Treatments that focuses on integrated, holistic techniques can provide benefits such as:

  • Long-term relief from pain, nausea, or fatigue
  • Improved sleep habits
  • Increased appetite
  • Improved cognitive function

Type of Holistic Integrated Techniques

Many types of complementary therapies include physical and mental exercises that combine natural substances or treatments. Here are a few techniques used in holistic, integrated pain management:

Acupuncture – the use of a thin needles to stimulate the flow of energy

Reflexology – stimulates body systems by triggering pressure points on the hands, ears, or feet

Meditation – Focusing your attention on your inner self and tuning out the world around you

Therapeutic massage – pressure application to muscles and soft tissue to relieve tightness.

Holistic Integrative Practitioners may combine therapeutic massage by applying a holistic natural remedies and plant-based topicals. Acupressure techniques may provide relief to the areas that suffer from pain.

Products like Elixicure may help you find relief from your pain. Treatment can be done in your own home with an Elixicure acupressure roller ball device and all-natural pain relief cream. Learn more about Elixicure can help you find relief here.

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