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Menthol for Natural Pain Relief

Menthol for Natural Pain Relief

If you or someone you love is experiencing pain from a chronic injury or arthritis, you may be searching for solutions that avoid dangerous opioids and other pain prescription drugs that have toxic fillers and additives. Menthol is an amazing ingredient found in natural pain relief products. It’s safe and all-natural while being effective in relieving pain instantly. Here we’ll go over all the reasons why menthol for natural pain relief is an excellent solution for pain relief, and why natural remedies are better for your overall health.

A great thing about natural pain relief is that you can use it as much as you like, without fear that you’ll take too much, or have negative effects. This is different from over-the-counter pain meds and prescription drugs that can negatively affect your body’s long-term health, cause dependency, and discomfort in other ways such as digestive issues, and more.

Menthol Is Cooling

We all know the cooling sensation of menthol; you may be surprised to discover the reason this happens. The TRPM8 protein is activated by menthol within the body’s nerve cells and makes you feel cold without actually affecting your internal temperature. Menthol has even been proven to be more effective in treating pain than ice! While ice eventually melts, menthol remains cool and gives longer-lasting relief from pain.

It’s A Counterirritant

The cooling sensation menthol has on the skin is what gives its counter-irritant classification. A counterirritant is a substance that causes mild irritation on a particular part of the skin, helping you feel relief from the true source of pain. Natural pain relief creams that contain menthol for natural pain relief can be amazing at addressing arthritis pain relief because they ease aches and burning sensations instantly as your pain receptors begin to focus on the cooling sensation rather than the underlying pain. 

Menthol Is A Vasodilator

A vasodilator means that blood flow is increased in the area, which benefits sore muscles and joints. The more blood flow you have to the area, the more nutrients begin to flood and heal the injury or damage. Increasing blood flow also means that the extra waste within the blood is taken away, decreasing swelling and getting your body back to an optimal state faster. If you do choose to take over-the-counter pain relievers in tandem, the menthol can increase their strength and efficacy as the blood vessels are slightly enlarged.

What To Look For In Pain Relief Products

If you’re looking for Plant-Based Pain Relief, the ointments should include menthol for natural pain relief. Additional ingredients should be added as well like willow bark which is known to help inflammation and swelling, while decreasing pain. Ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil also help skin heal from cuts while penetrating the deeper layers of the body and addressing injury.

Elixicure is an all-natural plant-based pain relief cream with menthol for natural pain relief that provides instant relief from arthritis and injuries while also helping address muscle soreness. This product is doctor recommended and contains ingredients that target the source of pain. If you’re looking for an all-natural that actually works for pain relief, we suggest you start with Elixicure!

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