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Elixicure was founded with the mission of creating a natural back pain relief that would positively impact people’s lives. Our number one goal as passionate proponents of plant-based living is to give our customers high-quality, organic pain relief options.

Elixicure was founded to address society’s most serious health challenges by merging the power of medicinal plants with cutting-edge science to develop game-changing solutions that enhance your body’s natural ability to heal.

As a result, a new standard for natural pain relief was created, as well as a highly effective alternative for addressing your health needs that is natural, non-habit forming, and safe to use on a daily basis.

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What Makes Elixicure Different?

The mission of Elixicure is to make people’s lives better by developing high-quality, all-natural pain relief solutions they can trust.

Back pain relief from Elixicure can help you reclaim your joy of movement. Elixicure relieves the pain of arthritis so you can get some exercise, finish your daily duties, or explore a new cuisine on your own terms.

When you’re in pain and need relief, you usually want it right away. Fortunately, with our natural remedies, you can experience rapid pain relief from head to toe, softly and safely, without the use of addictive medicines or medications.

Joint pain, back pain, head and neck pain, arthritis pain, minor injuries, and more can all be reduced or eliminated with our back pain relief cream. It’s also excellent for nerve pain and muscle aches.

We are confident that the back pain relief therapies we develop and offer are the best available anywhere, at any price, and we want you to trust us.
That’s why all purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to return the product if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. Within 30 days of receipt, products purchased from us may be returned for any reason.

Why Choose Our Cream?

The goal when you’re in pain is to get it to stop. You don’t consider whether a pain relief pill or a topical cream might be more effective. You seek assistance from your doctor, who prescribes a medication that you take for relief.

Oral pain medications have become so popular that they’ve become the old standby—the go-to method of managing chronic back pain, frequently to the exclusion of alternative, perhaps more effective options.

Many doctors and pharmacists are increasingly evaluating topical pain relief gels and creams as a potential alternative to standard pain pills because oral pain medications can cause complications for many persons suffering from chronic pain.

You’re not on your own. Countless people suffer from chronic pain and seek treatment. Here’s why our cream is different and helps reduce pain:

Precision Targeting

Topical pain relievers, unlike oral pain medications, which must be absorbed by the digestive and circulatory systems and can impact the entire body, can target specific body areas.

All you have to do to get localized pain relief is apply the topical pain reliever to the affected area’s skin, wash your hands, and wait.

100% Safe

Oral pain relievers can have negative effects on the digestive and excretory systems over time—thus, it’s best to utilize topical pain relievers transdermally rather than orally.

Topical pain treatments do not have to travel through internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, or digestive tract, they do not pose the same gastrointestinal problems or cardiovascular risks as oral pain relievers.

Quick Response Time

Topical pain remedies work significantly faster than oral pain relievers because they are absorbed through the skin rather than the circulatory system.

Topical pain remedies, for example, can absorb topical pain relievers reasonably quickly and show favorable effects sooner than most oral pain relievers. In addition, you can utilize a second dose considerably faster than you can with most oral medications.

Increased Pain Relief

Compression neuropathy occurs when a piece of the body applies painful pressure on a nerve, which has been addressed with topical pain medicines.

Topical pain medicines can also be used to treat muscle pain, inflamed tendons, and tight muscles. Oral analgesics are frequently ineffective in the treatment of chronic osteoarthritis pain and can sometimes trigger muscle tension or make the pain worse.

Safer than Traditional Medication

Most importantly, topical pain treatments do not carry the same hazards as today’s pill-based pain relievers. When you apply the topical solution, you can avoid fatigue, stomachaches, ulcers, depression, nausea, heartburn, lowered immunity, and much more.

Topical pain medicines are, in general, excellent and effective pain relievers. With the highest-grade active ingredients, you can physically rub your pain away.

Furthermore, due to the difficulties that oral pain pills might cause, there is a limit to how many you can take in one day. The topical technique, on the other hand, is safe to reapply as needed.


Over time, the body might become accustomed to the pain-relieving effects of oral or systemic pain drugs. Pain drugs may, however, become less effective over time as a result of this phenomenon.

Increased oral medication dosages can be harmful to the body but topical pain relievers are a great approach to avoid this.

As previously stated, some oral pain drugs become accustomed to being absorbed by the body, resulting in increased medication use with time. Others produce tiredness, excitement, and other undesirable effects.

Some oral drugs are prone to abuse as a result of these features, although most topical analgesics are not.

Relieve Back Pain Today

We’re on a mission to change the way people heal using a new type of natural medication.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a public health crisis. In the United States, millions of people suffer from chronic ailments that can be addressed with plant-based medicine. They shouldn’t have to fear becoming addicted to a drug, experiencing negative side effects, or wasting time and money on ineffective supplements.

Treating osteoarthritis pain can make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Fortunately, Elixicure’s natural remedies reduce the discomfort of waking up.

It’s a terrific way to start the day with Elixicure!

Elixicure, an alternative medicine, helps you get through the day by delivering clinically proven pain relief creams to the source of your pain. Find a method to relieve pain that works and is proven to be safe with Elixicure.


For acute back pain (low back pain that lasts less than 4-6 weeks caused by strain of muscles, joints and ligaments). It is important to let your back rest and not do intensive movements or exercises while your back is very sore, however contrary to what most believe staying active is one of the most important things you can do to treat your back pain. Proper movements and stretches usually facilitated by a therapist can help you rehab, strengthen and stabilize your back and core.

  • A little help from anti-inflammatories
  • Supplement diet with necessary vitamins and minerals for optimum health and recovery
  • Develop good sleeping habits
  • Avoid excessive sitting and constantly check your posture
  • Gently Stretch your joints and muscles
  • Warm sore, stiff, injured muscles for blood flow. You can use a warm pool.
  • Follow above tips.
  • Make sure you have the right mattress
  • Make sure you have the right shoes
  • Practice good sleeping habits
  • Set your vehicle seat up properly.
  • Set up your work space properly and take breaks to stretch and stand regularly
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