Therapeutic Grade Roller Ball

Therapeutic Roller Ball: One of a Kind

Why Use A Therapeutic Roller Ball?

Use a therapeutic roller ball as a beneficial tool for deep massage, as they help products permeate the skin barrier. Roll-ons allow for a clean application, which is especially helpful for spot treatment or pain relief on-the-go. This is especially powerful when paired with an effective pain relief product like Elixicure.

What Is Elixicure?

Elixicure over-the-counter all natural pain relief elixir is made with premium and organic ingredients. Active ingredients camphor and menthol have analgesic properties, meaning they relieve pain. This topical prescription free pain relief formula has been trusted to alleviate:

  • Aches and bruises 
  • Arthritic pain and arthritis pain
  • Cramps
  • Chronic pain relief and chronic pain management
  • Pain and inflammation 
  • Lower back pain &
  • Sprains and strains

“We believe in honoring our connection to nature. Our vision is to improve the quality of peoples’ lives by creating high-quality effective plant-based products.”

Eyal Kotler, CEO

Our Story

How is Elixicure’s Therapeutic Roller Ball Superior?

Elixicure’s metal roll-on is a better quality applicator than its competitor’s plastic therapeutic roller balls because stainless steel is more structurally sound than plastic. Not only does the metal ball stay intact in the applicator better than plastic, but the small metal bearing is less fragile and pliable than its plastic alternative. Stainless steel weighs about 6 times as much as plastic does (3). In addition, metal is harder than plastic, so it maintains its stiff shape under pressure. This direct and targeted spot treatment helps the elixir penetrate the skin as it massages. See Figure 1 (1) for a comparison of the hardness and density of Metals and alloys to Polymers like plastic. 

Most importantly, the stainless steel feels cold to the touch. How is it possible that metal feels colder than plastic? Metal is a better thermal conductor than plastic, so your skin feels its heat quickly transfer to the ball bearing (2). This extra cooling effect supports the active ingredients as they stop your body’s pain receptors for immediate pain relief. 

How Do Health and Wellness Professionals Feel About Elixicure?

“I love the product and ease of use. The camphor and menthol are mild while adding a little more to the CBD. The metal ball is a nice touch and can easily fit areas with a cooling touch.”

Dr. Bob Benaderet, Chiropractor

“I support businesses that make a noticeable effort to be more sustainable.” 

Aubrie Pohl, MovemeAnt Leadership Trainer and Professional

“I put Elixicure on my back and within 37 seconds I started to feel better. I could bend. I didn’t have pain and if it could work on me and my own back, it’s going to be great for my athletes.”

Dr. Tim Brown, Sports Medicine Physician

How Much Do Our Customers Love Elixicure?

Follow this link to see customer reviews!

How Much Does the Honest Globe Family Love the Roller Ball?

“It doesn’t get on your hands. It’s travel-friendly” 

David Muller, Production Manager

“It’s portable, and I love how cold the metal is. I can dig into my pressure points and there’s less friction than a plastic ball.”

Ryan Kurth, Herba Culture

“When I don’t want it on my hands. I can dig into the muscle.” 

Jeff Byrne, Sales 

“It’s a mini massage and gets it into the area that hurts.”

Maddy Frisbey, Production 

“The best thing about the roll-on is that I don’t get it on my hands. It decreases the risk of getting it in your eyes. After I work out I can put it in my tissue and it feels dope… a low controlled dose.”

Know-Madik, Brand Ambassador

“We have balls of steel.” 

Mike Daily, Quality Control

What if the Elixicure Roll-On is the Solution to My Problem?

Competitors don’t utilize the same active ingredients Elixicure does in our formula. Even if they did have rolling balls of steel like us, they still wouldn’t work the way Elixicure does. Now knowing what you know about Elixicure’s all natural pain relief therapeutic roller ball, how will you use Elixicure on your pain for fast acting relief? 

What if I Could Sample Elixicure?

We’d love to mail you a sample of Elixicure for free. That way you can decide which scent you like best before ordering! Fill out this form to receive a couple samples of all natural pain relief with CBD in lavender and original scents. 

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