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Wintergreen for Neck Pain?

Did you know that between 30%-50% of people worldwide suffer from neck pain each year? And with so many pain-relief options available on the market, it can be difficult to find one that helps ease that pain and is safe to use on a regularly. If you deal with neck pain, back aches, arthritis, and more, wintergreen essential oil is going to be your new best friend. Keep reading to learn all about wintergreen essential oil, its benefits, and the safest way to ease your neck and back pain!

What is wintergreen essential oil?

Wintergreen is a group of aromatic plants that have species native to both North America and Asia. Depending on where you are located, Wintergreen may also called checkerberry or teaberry. This plant is known for its medicinal healing properties dating back hundreds of years. In fact, Native Americans frequently made tea from the leaves of the wintergreen plant to help lessen aches, body pains, and sore throats. Today, we still see wintergreen as an ingredient in many household items that boast a minty flavor. Think toothpaste, gum, mints, floss, and chewing tobacco.

Wintergreen essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the wintergreen plant. This is usually done by steam distillation. Steam distillation is the best way to extract essential oils as it keeps the potency of them intact. Once wintergreen essential oil is extracted, it will have that signature minty scent (although the wintergreen plant is not in the mint family.) In recent years, more corporations have opted to use a synthetic version of wintergreen oil. That said, the benefits of natural wintergreen oil outperform synthetic variations every time!

Benefits of wintergreen oil for neck pain and back pain

To this day, wintergreen essential oil is still used for a multitude of benefits such as in hair care products, for skin conditions such as psoriasis, and to help relieve aches and pains of the body.

You can find wintergreen oil in many topical ointments made to relieve neck pain and body aches. The main compound within wintergreen oil is called methyl salicylate. This compound shares the same pain-relieving properties as aspirin and can help reduce inflammation and pain as well as lower a fever naturally. When applied topically to the skin, wintergreen oil becomes readily absorbed through and creates a numbness on the affected area. It also helps blood circulate easier which promotes the healing of injured areas of the body quicker.

There are a few benefits of wintergreen essential oil as it relates to pain and health management:

  • Muscle aches: If you’re dealing with neck pain, back aches, and discomfort in the shoulders, you should definitely give wintergreen oil a shot. These areas can typically feel stiff and uncomfortable because of overuse and bad posture. Wintergreen oil can help soothe that feeling of stiffness and provide some much-needed relief to areas in pain.
  • Joint pain: Since wintergreen oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s the perfect solution to help joint pain. While there are several causes of joint pain, a main contributing factor is joint inflammation. This inflammation leads to pain and can even damage the bones and cartilage. The active ingredient in wintergreen oil, methyl salicylate, is a known anti-inflammatory which makes it ideal for joint pain!
  • Headaches and fevers: Because wintergreen contains methyl salicylate (the chemical similar to aspirin), it can help reduce fever and headaches. Plus, when you have a cold or the flu, wintergreen essential oil can help break up some of that congestion like a vapor rub would!
  • Oral health: Aside from the minty freshness, the medicinal properties of wintergreen can also keep your gums and teeth healthy! It’s used frequently in mouthwashes which help fight gum infections and tooth decay.
  • Digestion: Taken in small doses, wintergreen oil can help promote healthy digestion by increasing the acid in your stomach. It also boosts urine production to clear out the digestive tract and lessen painful bloating. Suffering from cramping? Wintergreen essential oil can even be rubbed on your lower abdomen and back to reduce the feeling of cramps.
  • Arthritis: One of the main causes of arthritis is obstructed blood flow. As wintergreen is applied to the skin, it promotes an easier flow of blood to the area thus relieving obstructions while also helping to soothe pain.

Elixcure Natural Pain Relief Cream

Thinking of using wintergreen essential oil to help with pain relief? Instead of diluted wintergreen oil, it is recommended to use topical pain relief creams that contain the ingredient. This is because it can be quite harsh on the skin when used incorrectly and is most effective when paired with other oils. To harness the soothing power of wintergreen as well as other natural ingredients such as menthol, willow bark, and shea butter, we created the Elixcure Natural Pain Relief Cream. Elixicure is made to target neck pain, back aches, muscle soreness, arthritis, and more! What makes our Pain Relief Cream so special is that it’s 100% natural and plant-based. This means no risk of addiction and is safe to use as often as you need!

Why Elixicure?

Elixicure was born out of the need for natural, safe pain relief options that don’t include many of the harmful ingredients that over-the-counter medications do. Our Pain Relief Cream is packed with plant-based ingredients and leaves out the GMOs, parabens, or petroleum. Our team found the perfect blend of natural ingredients made to target inflammation and relieve pain almost instantly. Unlike other pain relief options, this cream provides a no-mess, non-greasy application with zero residues or stickiness. Simply apply it onto the area that is bothering you and feel immediate relief.

The Elixcure Natural Pain Relief Cream comes in different sizes to meet your changing needs and to travel with you when you’re on the go. It’s also available in an original and lavender scent based on your personal preferences! Shop the Elixcure Natural Pain Relief Cream here to get rid of neck pain and back aches for good!

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